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Samuel Octavius

About the Author



Samuel Octavius Carter enlisted into the Marine Corps on August 25, 1997. With roughly 24 years of active service, he watched a fallen soldier unintentionally walk across the top of his parachute; he swam with a dolphin protective detail away from a shark; he ate the eyeball of a dead rabbit for electrolytes, and he saw a mortar round land ten inches from a passing Marine who lived to tell about it. Life has rewarded him with tons of stories to share. 


In between the fun, he's pursued his passions for writing, technology, and the intersection of futurism and society. He retired at the rank of Master Gunnery Sergeant, completed a B.S. in Computer Networks and Cybersecurity, an M.S. in Data Analytics from the University of Maryland, and pursuing graduate studies in Computational Social Science.


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