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Infocalypse Now

A Novel by Samuel Octavius

How deadly is a line of code?


In INFOCALYPSE NOW, systems engineer Desmond Miles discovers an exotic, high-tech drone with a dangerous payload during a Marine reconnaissance mission in the Philippine jungle. Despite being seriously wounded, he joins an ad hoc interagency task force hunt through the labyrinth of black-market data brokers and international weapons traffickers to track down the source of the threat. 

When his estranged wife Isabella is yanked into the chaos caused by widespread violent uprisings, hate-based outrage across social media platforms, and a mutated pathogen contaminating the nation’s water supply, he’s challenged to put his personal pain aside and find the courage to act. As he and a team of seasoned intelligence professionals work to avert a catastrophic societal collapse, he must also salvage his personal relationships, recover his sense of purpose, and somehow prevent humanity from imploding. 

Infocalypse Now draws on his twenty+ years as an expert in the field of information technology. Sam holds a B.S. in Computer Networks and Cybersecurity and an M.S. in Data Analytics from the University of Maryland and is pursuing a Ph.D. in Computational Social Science at George Mason University.


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