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The Echo Chamber

A Novel by Samuel Octavius

Words can kill.


In the underworld of espionage, terrorism, and power plays among the world’s elites, Desmond Miles, a novice systems analyst of a Marine Special Operations Team, uncovers a weapons exchange between foreign and domestic powers behind the backdrop of a Presidential assassination attempt. After a failed reconnaissance mission that killed a team member, he’s thrust into a secret organization of security professionals fighting to stop terrorists from releasing a weapon on American soil.


Desmond’s injured from the team’s ambush, guilt-ridden from his friend’s death, must navigate a national security threat that weaponizes information like a biological virus. What is truth? How do we know what facts to trust? In the alien world of counterfeit facts, fake news, and social media-driven hysteria, his only hope of saving the world from itself rests in solving this final puzzle. Can he unlock his full potential and survive long enough to prevent the next catastrophe?


The Echo Chamber draws on more than 24 years of United States Marine Corps experience, multiple combat tours in more than four countries, and in-depth exploration of information warfare, data science, autonomous systems, mass media, and artificial intelligence.


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