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The Echo Chamber

A Novel by Samuel Octavius

Words can kill.


In The Echo Chamber, a special operations systems engineer with the U.S. Marines named Desmond Miles discovers an exotic, high-tech drone on a recon mission in the Philippine jungle. Desmond is badly wounded and a teammate is killed in an ambush as his squad leaves the site. These events launch Desmond on a national security investigation into a cyberattack against America that appears to be linked to the drone. He and the other members of an ad hoc interagency task force hunt through the labyrinth of black-market data brokers and international weapons traffickers to track down the source of the threat. 

As Desmond struggles to navigate his physical and emotional wounds, dramatic escalations in social unrest—violent uprisings, hate-based outrage across social media platforms, threats to the nation’s water supply, an emerging pandemic, and several mass-casualty events—lead Desmond and the other members of the task force to conclude someone is using weaponized information technology to engineer widespread societal collapse. Who is behind the plot, and how can they be stopped?

The Echo Chamber draws on more than 24 years of United States Marine Corps experience, multiple combat tours in more than four countries, and in-depth exploration of information warfare, data science, autonomous systems, mass media, and artificial intelligence.


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